Medication Reviews


Do you have multiple medical conditions or see more than one doctor? Want to have a convenient up-to-date personalized pocketbook-sized medication list to take to your various appointments? Would you like to find out if you really still need all those medications anymore? Worried that one or more of your medications is causing an unpleasant side effect? Not sure whether the regular medications you take interact with the cough and cold pills you just bought?

Then a medication review with a Kelowna Orchard Remedy’s Rx pharmacist is perfect for you!

Have your very own private one-on-one session with a qualified pharmacist to discuss your unique medication therapy. Are you taking different medications, vitamins and herbal health remedies for a range of health issues? If you take five or more regularly prescribed medications, come in and get a thorough review of your medication at no out-of-pocket cost.

Your local pharmacist at Orchard Remedy’s Rx can be an integral part of your health care management. We can help identify if the symptoms you are experiencing are related to your medications and help resolve this issue. Additionally, we can help prevent medication interactions which can lead to immediate or long-term negative health effects. We can also provide you with information to optimize your therapy, reduce costs and facilitate medication use. All this for free and it’s also accessible to your family physician at your request.

During your Free Medication Review, we would recommend that you to bring in not just your prescription medications, but also any over-the-counter products including herbal supplements and vitamins. We would like to make sure we review all your therapies so that you get the most benefit possible from them.