Fight The Flu Naturally With FluShield

Orchard Remedy’s carries a wide variety of supplements and vitamins for your optimal health. Build up your immune system this flu season with Jamieson FluShield.


FluShield™ is the result of a worldwide search for the most potent echinacea, a native North American wildflower and a well-known herbal medicine.
More than a decade in the making, FluShield contains a premium and uniquely effective form of Echinacea angustifolia that was chosen from among 40 plant genotypes for its high concentration of immune-boosting polysaccharides. Through selective breeding, these medicinal compounds have been augmented and concentrated in the plant roots.
While antibiotics kill bacteria directly, the unique, high molecular weight polysaccharide in FluShield boosts the body’s T-cells to fight off viral and bacterial invaders. Triple-standardized pharmaceutical processing captures the most beneficial plant compounds and removes immune-suppressing isobutylamides, which commonly occur in other echinacea formulas. Clinical trials show that FluShield broad spectrum of echinacea compounds are more effective at preventing the flu than other echinacea formulas.
When you reach for echinacea, reach for the most potent and effective formula. FluShield™ is the only flu-defence product formulated with the proprietary extract of NPN-approved Echinacea angustifolia (Polinacea®).
Benefits of FluShield by Jamieson:

  • Potent, natural formula helps boost the immune system
  • Clinically proven to fight the onset and symptoms of flu, colds and upper-respiratory infections
  • Fast-acting and free of immune-suppressing isobutylamides, FluShield may be taken the duration of the cold and flu season